Welcome to Banksy Covers

Hello and welcome to BanksyCovers.com! Many of you may have visited my sister site, WarholCovers.com over the last five years. You will find this to be very similar. On this site, I will be documenting primarily vinyl record covers featuring the work of the artist known as Banksy, although there are some interesting CD covers to be shown as well.

I will start with images from my collection, and add some more details along the way. As with WarholCovers.com, I invite any comments or questions you might have. I have quite a bit going on, but I will try to respond as soon as possible.


One thought on “Welcome to Banksy Covers”

  1. Frank! It’s great to see that you are back – and with a new blog! Great stuff.
    All three of the “We Love You” set of compilation albums have cover art by Banksy–but, as you say, only the first volume and the promo for volume 2 were released on vinyl.
    I look forward to further posts.


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