Badmeaningood Vol. 3 – Peanut Butter Wolf




Badmeaningood – Peanut Butter Wolf is the third compilation release under the Badmeaningood title. It is a 2xLP from 2003. The tracklist is as follows:

A1 The 45 King Funk Box (We Want To Hear The Beat Box)
A2 Grandmaster Flash New Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash
A3 Roy Ayers Can’t You See Me
B1 Alicia Myers Don’t Stop What You’re Doin’
B2 The Human League Hard Times
B3 Bernard Wright The Master Rocker
C1 B Beat Girls Jungle Swing
C2 Cold Crush Brothers Punk Rock Rap
D1 Jungle Brothers I’m Gonna Do You
D2 Iron Butterfly Soul Expereience
D3 Keni Burke Risin’ To The Top (Snowboy’s Acoustic Version)

Remix – Snowboy

For anyone noticing that the artist named on the title is often not featured on the track listing, they are always appear on the “Intro” track, if not on the records themselves.


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Various Artists – 10 Years of Wall of Sound



This 2003 Wall of Sound Compilation 3xLP features some familiar artists from other Banksy covers (Blak Twang, Röyksopp) , but this record cover is unique of one special reason. The perpetually reclusive artist known as Banksy is actually pictured. He is credited as the man on the far right side of the front cover.


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Blur – Good Song



Released in October 2003, Good Song was the third and final single released from the LP Think Tank. One thing I should note is that if you look carefully at the upper left corner of the front cover, you will see a tiny notch. This appears in all three 7″ vinyl singles, and is not an indication of damage.

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Blur – Crazy Beat



The second single released from the Think Tank LP, the Crazy Beat vinyl single offered a different cover from its CD single version. The CD image was actually tagged to a building before being notable painted over against the building owner’s wishes.

Here are the front and back of the CD version:



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Blur – Out of Time



Out of Time was one of three 7″ singles to come from the Think Tank LP, along with Crazy Beat, and Good Song. The degree of collaboration, having Banksy do all the LP cover imagery, as well as the promo CD and all three 7″ picture sleeves was unprecedented, and never repeated.

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Blur – Think Tank EP


This four track EP was also hand stamped with the Petrolhead image, but this time without the red ring. The track listing for this EP is as follows:

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Blur – Think Tank Promo CD


Blur’s Think Tank record was also available as a promo CD featuring a hand stamped version of Banksy’s Petrolhead image. There was great individuality to the placement and orientation of these stampings, as can be seen below.


As well as a very rare alternative stamp, that I have never personally seen:


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