We Love You…So Love Us




r-2236581-1441826488-7097-jpeg r-2236581-1441826493-1423-jpeg

Along with Hombre records, Banksy had a continuing relationship with the Wall of Sound record label. There were actually three releases of these Various Artists albums. In addition to We Love You…So Love Us, there was a So Love Us Too, and So Love Us Three, all using Banksy imagery on their covers. This one was the only one to be released on vinyl with a Banksy cover, although there was a promo sampler for So Love Us Too that had a generic cover, but a Banksy image on the label. I am a bit surprised at how rare this particular vinyl cover is. I’ve only seen two of these offered in the past few years. There are many CD versions of the We Love You… series out there, but if you find a vinyl version, consider yourself lucky.

This, of course uses the iconic Banksy Flower Thrower stencil, seen below:


Or, as originally in situ:


This piece was executed in 2003 in Jerusalem. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been a source of inspiration for Banksy throughout his career.

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